Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Greeting Cards 2014. Miniature Watercolor Landscapes on Card Blanks.

Here are my Christmas Greeting Cards for Christmas Season 2014. 
This year I decided to paint them with watercolors. In the beginning of December I got an order from my regular customer for Christmas greeting cards. When I worked out the design for the card I took into consideration their request that the cards should be colorful. After trying out several themes I ended up using the Nordic Lights as the main theme for this years Christmas Cards. 
I made them a bit more colorful and more festive with snow flakes and iridescent medium.  
Here are some words of precaution that owners of the card should know. You have to protect them from water (or rain or watery snow) because watercolor will “wake up” and “run again” (and smear) if it gets  contact with water. In the long run, if the owner likes the card, he should frame it behind the glass – they are after all original miniature watercolor paintings.
I personally like watercolor technique very much. It is very delicate medium, needs lots of practice and patience and knowledge how the paint will interact with water and paper. Every different watercolor paper interacts differently with different paint and water. I would even say that watercolor is like a box of chocolate – you never know what you get. There are always some other factors (we can call them - divine )  that influence the outcome of the watercolor painting. 
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